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If you have or still do read it, do you like the manga Fairy Tail? 

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Five Things I Want For Zelda Breaht of the Wild

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2016, 12:29 PM
So this last week the big highlight of E3 for me was the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Its a first for Zelda in many ways and looks like it'll be super fun. From the Sheikah Slate giving Link a number of magical abilities to the open world nature of being able to go and do whatever you want in whatever order you want is a really fascinating game concept. Even Xenoblade Chronicles X which tried to feel like this big massive overworld technically had a set path in the long run as you couldn't just go straight to the final boss and fight them like you apparently can in the new Zelda if you're suicidal enough to attempt the naked shield surfer run some people have discussed. And with amiibo support confirm, one of which being a Wolf Link partner option, it feels like the game will have a lot of avenues of play for whatever players desire to do.

But with so much of the game still unknown, with some rumored NX only options for the port, I feel there's still some time to fantasize on some ideas of what else could be in the game. Here are five things I'd love to still see in this game:

~ More amiibo Partners ~
I love, love, LOVE the ability to take Wolf Link from Twilight Princess HD, play that game's new Cave of Shadows trial, and then with whatever health he has at the end scan it into the amiibo and take that Wolf Link into Breath of the Wild with all that HP. I recently completed the cave using the healing amiibo to have a full maxed out health bar so my Wolf Link will be strong. But having optional partners with other amiibo from other Zeldas I feel would be a nice touch.

One game I'd love to see re-released for the Wii U before Breath of the Wind's release next year would be Skyward Sword, the game a number of people ignored do to not liking the Wii's motion controls. Like Twilight Princess HD, for a re-release of it for Wii U, include an amiibo with Link and Fi and do another 'Cave of Shadows' style dungeon to transfer data over from the game to BotW. In the case of this partner, perhaps have it be that when scanned, it adds the Goddess Sword to Link's inventory. Depending on how well you did in the dungeon, you'll ether get the Goddess Sword if you completed the first level, the Goddess Longsword for the second level, and the Goddess Whitesword for if you completed the full dungeon, with the amount of health you have at the end determining how long the sword's power lasts before it 'breaks' and you have to wait for the next day to resummon the sword. Or as a more simple option, release a figure of Fi and if players need help with the game, they can scan the amiibo and Fi will offer some guidance for them.

amiibo partners feels like it be a useful feature given the number of notable Zelda characters to choose from and to have a couple more options would be even more fun.

~ Player Travelers ~
One element I liked from Xenoblade Chronicles X that I'd enjoy seeing a return for this Zelda would be to encounter a version of fellow players with in the world. Like say that you have a friend who's completed certain areas compared to you, perhaps he appears in your world as a Goron or Zora or even just a traveler. Maybe you can run up to him and talk with him, the figure offering advice and information on where its been and sort of help steer Link in directions he might not have thought to check for items. Given the size of this world, any little bit of information a player could choose to take if they desired would be helpful and this would act as a fun way to allow players to help one another out on some level even if they can't play together.

That said...

~ Online Co-Op ~
I know this might be a stretch and is probably the least likely of these but having the ability to play alongside our friends online would be an amazing option. Taking from my previous suggestion, at the very least have an option where we can team with another player ether appearing as a random traveler of some sort if not a particular race of Hyrule, perhaps based on how we've been doing determining what we appear as: early players appearing as Korok, Deku or even children, players who are higher in the game's progression appearing as Zora, Goron or royal knights. Allow us to help one another if there's a problem we can't solve on our own.

~ Road-Side Rescues ~

The world as it is looks immense and full of things and monsters to encounter. People, of course, were specifically left out of the demo beyond the Old Man. So I was wondering if we might get situations where we're traveling in a particular area and might run into some travelers, like a trader's cart or something, going between towns and it gets ambushed and you have the option to rescue them. It would be a great little addition to make the world feel alive. Maybe not even have this scenario occur in the same place, like one player might encounter the trader and he's just traveling along but willing to sell Link something, while another player first time finds the figure under attack and can rescue him. Let there be consequences for ether chose the player chooses to go, like say Link chooses to ignore him, suddenly the price of his goods going up ether cause of limited stock from the attack or he saw Link and Link did nothing. Or if Link saves him, suddenly the prices go down or you get an item for free. Things like that that can change the game and make the world feel more alive and connected would be great.

~ Epic Dungeon Bosses ~
A big surprise of the game is how we have mini bosses we'll be running in to in the world and they aren't small guys ether, be it the number of Guardians about or things like Steppe Talus. That said, with some of these big guys able to be run in to, I feel that leaves a lot of pressure to make the dungeon bosses all the more amazing when you fight them. Previous dungeon fights have had their good and bad ones, noticeably fights with water bosses often felt slow compared to others that involved a lot of movement like Goht or Stallord feeling extremely fast. I want a more middle ground of this for what we get from BofW's bosses, where the action feels fast, whether it is or isn't. The scale of the bosses compared to what we've seen needs to be epic, just like something you'd see in a Platinum Studios game for what Link is fighting and how the fight is going. Make these moments you HAVE to play just from the amazing moments you can have in them so players don't feel the desire to skip over it and head straight for Ganon.

There's plenty of time till Zelda arrives so who knows what else we'll learn before then, especially when Nintendo finally reveals the NX and at the same time what this special feature available on the NX version is. Where this story will ultimately take us is yet to be seen but with so much to do, I don't feel like I'll be disappointed regardless. BUT, what do you guys think? I know not everyone is a fan of 3D Zeldas but for those that are, are you excited? Do any of my ideas sound like they'd be cool options? Do you have better options? Share your opinions bellow~!


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