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Lore Pages
Another Princess Story - Once Upon a Time... by Dragon-FangX
Mechanics of War - In an Age... by Dragon-FangX
Cyber Road - The Digital Age... by Dragon-FangX
Lore is done by a page-by-page option select basis. You can select any unused options and, through your choose, send the story(s) in the direction you feel they should go.

NOTE: Some options may already be selected but not posted. Please keep this in mind when selecting options to have two or three options in mind in the event one of your chosen options is taken.

Does anyone here still go to GaiaONLINE? 

101 deviants said What's Gaia Online?
60 deviants said I don't!
32 deviants said I do!

What is Lore Stories?

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 8:34 PM
You know, I probably should have done a formal one of these way back when I started it but, you know, things slip your mind. Now its time to do it! So lets roll!

What is Lore Stories?
Lore and its stories is a series of fairy tale inspired stories and a sporadically updated comic:

Lore - Prologue 1 by Dragon-FangX Another Princess Story - Once Upon a Time... by Dragon-FangX Mechanics of War - In an Age... by Dragon-FangX Cyber Road - The Digital Age... by Dragon-FangX

The idea of the fairy tale side of the project is a 'choose your own adventure' style story where those who are open to contributing by commission can direct the story in the way they think they could go by the options that are placed in the comments sections. This gives an element of surprise and intrigue on where the story goes rather then me just telling it, allowing the contributors to direct me to tell various stories. The ultimate goal of each of these, once one of them has reached a certain number of ending paths, is to take all the pages from the story and merge as many of them together to create the 'true story' that will be featured in the comic side of Lore and, if fate allows, maybe a physical trade as well. Any pages not used will be re-used in 'sequels' or be used in secondary/alt stories that might pop up in the future. I don't want anyone's contributions to go to waste if it can be helped so ultimately, even if images aren't used for the story, they will have a resting place some where to be viewed.

Once a story has finished, it will most likely, at this planned time atleast, be slowly taken down from DA as the pages are used in the final version and their will be a pause to allow for more focus on ether of the remaining Lores for contributors before a new story will take its place, the first two planned being brand new stories but afterwards future stories to go up will likely be sequels based around the outcome of the 'true story' ending. How the true story will eventually look for these first three is anyone's guess thanks to the wondrous amount of interest in them thus far and the number of wildly different paths. All I can say is the true story will have more detail added to the text, art touch ups to make everything blend together and look better, and will have some surprising ramifications all around to see of the other stories and comic.

Wait, the pages are going to be taken down?
That's atleast the current plan. To use the pages for the true story and to re-use any pages not used in the future for sequels or alt stories. The plan could change, I just don't want to have more then three stories at a time competing for contributions between each other so unless a better idea presents itself, this seems like the best solution to me. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

What are the other Lore Stories?
As I said before, I can't guess what the sequel stories will be like for the first three do to the possibilities of their possible outcomes being well up in the air.

I can give you a sneak peak of the two future stories, though, by telling you, learning from the first three, that one will be set in a fantasy orient setting with four wildly different possible paths from explorers traveling over the Himalayas to a war torn country fighting between humans and powerful oni monsters. The other would return to a more medieval fantasy realm for a quest to slay a dragon and following four different warriors/groups who take different approaches to face the dragon and their various sidequests along the way. Lots of possibilties with both should lead to a lot of intrigue and outcomes.

Is commissioning the only way to help?
Its the only way to guarantee the page you want gets done. HOWEVER, in December, I will host a weekly poll for people where I'll let non-contributors vote for what page they want to see added next on my Friday Update. Those interested should keep an eye out for that.

And the comic?
As I said, the comic has no set schedule when the next one will come out. Will begin submitting it once the pages for the current chapter are done and those will be posted alongside the Friday Update. The comic side will tell the stories from the point of view of our young heroine Akina as she finds some stories have more going on with them then one might see from just the pages of a book.

That's most of Lore and the plans for it in a nutshell. If I forgot anything or you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you all. I'm really appreciative and humbled by the interest shown in the project and I hope everyone will continue to show interest in Lore in some form or another. ^^


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