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Schrodinger by Wrenzephyr2

An interesting take to say the least. The way the eye is done on the 'normal' side still gives a sense of creepyness that the other, mo...

Curse of the Bottle by Mr-DNA
by Mr-DNA

I was just commenting not long ago about there needs to be more Djinn related stuff. ^^ The colors of the piece are very nice, lots of ...

Loli's Curse 3:  page 3 by Mr-DNA
by Mr-DNA

Nice one. You really out did yourself on this chapter of the story. As always, I loved the progression from the victom being changed in...

Girl to ?... by Dragon-Storm

Looking at your original work and comparing it now, I'd say you are heavily improving. The teeth could use some work but I like the tai...

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ChibiCOMBAT - Nifena v Sonora by Dragon-FangX
Have two chibi characters pitted against one another in a battle against one another.
Commission is of 2 chibis with battle effect going on as they fight against each other or together.
NOTE: Atleast one of the characters you commission has to have been previously drawn and in the form to be depicted in the picture.
Lore Pages
Another Princess Story - Once Upon a Time... by Dragon-FangX
Mechanics of War - In an Age... by Dragon-FangX
Cyber Road - The Digital Age... by Dragon-FangX
Lore is done by a page-by-page option select basis. You can select any unused options and, through your choose, send the story(s) in the direction you feel they should go.

NOTE: Some options may already be selected but not posted. Please keep this in mind when selecting options to have two or three options in mind in the event one of your chosen options is taken.

What you think of the new Bionicle figures? 

85 deviants said Haven't seen them/gotten the chance to get a close look at them.
29 deviants said They look amazing and the new system works wonders!
29 deviants said They look ok. Still have a soft spot for the original looks.
9 deviants said Ehhh, not really feeling them. Too different. Too Hero Factory.

Code Name STEAM Demo

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 1:52 PM
Despite pre-ordering it, I've still be sort of on the fence about Code Name S.T.E.A.M. for the 3DS. Gameplay looked interested from the trailers and it was done by the same guys who did Fire Emblem: Awakening but I was hesitant about the game and was even considering switching pre-orders at one point.

That is, till Gamestop in the US started giving away demo-codes for the game. And I was very happy to see my worries were for not.

The demo puts you seemingly into the first levels of the game, with some tweaks to add in one extra character so you can experience the full four-man team gameplay. In the demo you get access to Henry Flemming, a basic shooter-type character, John Henry, a heavy grenade launcher, Lion, a high-HP character who can make leaping attacks to cross gaps and distance, and Tiger Lilly, a primarily medic based character. Each member has a main weapon, a secondary weapon and their steam pack. Each character's steam pack can generate a certain amount of steam each turn and can hold up to a certain amount.

Your actions determine how much steam you use as movement, attacking, being attacked or interacting with certain items will use up steam. You can choose to save up some of your steam for the enemy turn, as if you have specific weapons equipped, any steam you have left allows you to attack the enemy on their turn if they come into view. Or you can choose to use it all up at once and wait till the next round. The field view is constantly shifting as the enemies move about and some enemies can't be seen thanks to the game's third-person ground view, meaning you have to move with caution. Replay wise in addition to the main goal, you'll have secondary goals you can come back for later, such as gathering gears left behind in the levels to upgrade your steam packs or just challenging yourself to beating a level in a certain amount of turns the game sets.

Players who can get the demo are treated to a bonus as once the full game comes out, you can transfer all the medals (the game's currency I believe) and a unique weapon from the demo into the full game. And, as already mentioned, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. will have amiibo support in the form of the four Fire Emblem amiibo able to be scanned and played inside the game. I honestly started to get really into the game play, using my terrain to my advantage as I took advantage of character placement to gather a bunch of enemies in one spot and them lob a grenade at them or have Lion leap at them and weaken a few enemies before having Henry or Tiger Lilly come in and finish them. Its become a bit addicting.

If you can get the demo, do! Its fun and it'll let you know if you want to pick up the game or not for yourself come March. Nintendo eShop has the temp-version (30 uses) while Gamestop codes will give you a full, non-limited version.


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