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Raven Chain - White Mage by Dragon-FangX Raven Chain - White Mage by Dragon-FangX
Raven was returning from another rough solo mission. Crime had been bad lately and thus the Titans having been having to split up for missions. Raven was sent on another solo as they felt she was the best to go out on her own to handle robberies and abductions.

"Doesn't mean it doesn't get tough." Raven remarked, looking at her cape which was a bit shredded after some nut with a knife tried to stab her. Still, he'd missed her thankfully, though 3 crimes in a day was starting to wear her down.

Suddenly, from out of no where, Raven erupted into pain as something hot struck her back. She couldn't see the beam of energy or its shooter but as quickly as it hit, it ended as Raven fell to the ground.

Raven lay there on her hands and knees, the pain in her back mild as it blew threw her clothing and singed her back. Sense when did villain attacks cut threw clothing!? Still, as she lay there, trying to catch her breath as green smoke came off her back, Raven felt... funny...

After letting the pain subside, Raven opened her eyes, only to shut them again and cringe. The pain was worse then she thought. Once more, what was this tingling across her body?

Raven's head felt funny as she slowly stood up, unaware that her powers were fleeing her. She was being reduced to a normal human being, her skin gaining a normal tone, her clothing slowly morphing into normal clothing, and, though faint, even her hair was beginning the slow progress to being normal.

Raven just continued to rub her head. Something didn't feel right... and why was she refering to herself as Raven? Her name was Rachel... wasn't it?

Raven... no, her name was Rachel... Rachel stood up, rubbing her head as she looked herself over. What had happened? She remembered she was on her way to... she couldn't remember where she was going.

Something then began forming around Rachel's face, more specifically, her eyes. She wasn't hard pressed to find they were glasses. Rachel... remembered something... did she normally wear glasses? Seemed to make sense the more she thought about it.

Rachel then noticed her teeth. Hard to miss given the front two stuck out from her mouth. She opened and found her teeth were in braces. She didn't recall them but, then again, she obviously needed them. Rachel rubbed her head, feeling like new information was coming in.

Rachel was becoming increasingly confused as she became really intelligent but continued to not fully understand her appearance, given she thought her hair was suppose to be nice and smooth, not curly and messy, that she didn't have this many pimples on her face or that she had atleast a little bit of curve. But as she thought one thing, a memory came and argued it with her. She wasn't sure what to believe.

Rachel looked a little bit more at herself in akward silence, funnily holding herself as she looked around at her pasty white complextion. She still wasn't sure if this was her but she decided it wasn't worth just looking at herself all day. Perhaps she needed to go look around, follow the memories that were telling her she needed to go somewhere. She followed them to where she felt she needed to go.

Soon, Rachel found herself at the edges of what appeared to be a LARP - Live Action Role Play - As various people like her were dressed up in various costumes and fighting one another with fake swords and staffs and arrows with plungers on the end of them.

"Hey, were you interested in playing?" One of the players called, seeing Rachel watching. Rachel blinked before nodding. This did look like fun. "Cool. There's some spare clothing in the trunk near you."

Soon, Rachel was dressed in a monk outfit with a wizard staff and some bird seed to throw at people to cast 'spells'. She really wasn't sure what to do though...
As the halo of light faded, Rachel looked down and smiled, feeling the magic inside her building up as she looked down at her White Mage garbs.

"No, no, no!" Someone said near by, catching Rachel's attention. "You can't just pick up a staff and declare yourself a mage! You got to pick out what it is you want to be. Are you a sorceress for evil? A wicked witch gathering ingredients? A wicken healer offering aid? What are you first." They explained to Rachel.

Rachel thought about it for a moment. As she sort of narrowed down what she wanted to be, she let her imagination wander and begin to picture all the things she could be. As her thoughts turned more to light and good, a heavenly light came down around her as her clothing started to lighten and her staff changed, becoming better carved and sturdy. As the light bathed her, a glowing orb appeared on the front of her robes and on her staff.

"MEDIC!" Came a voice from the battle field as Rachel's fellow warriors staved off a mechanized army from the Garlean Empire.

"Coming!" Rachel called, casting her healing magic on the fallen warriors. Reinvigorated, they headed back onto the field, Rachel keeping close tabs on them as she watched the moon above slowly descend towards them. "I hope we'll be in time." She spoke as she rushed off to heal more people.

A man in the distance smiled, having brought Rachel/Raven to where he felt her magic would be of most use while turning to the shrine behind him, ready to help in the efforts should the beast with in the moon awaken...


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Art by Dragon-FangX
Thanks to those who made this sequence possible!

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Chicken-Yuki Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013   Traditional Artist
And in that holy light, the binding tape of Rachel's glasses begin to peal itself off...

...only to reassemble itself in the end, as if the transformative magic was strangely indecisive on what it wanted to do with the glasses' final state.
Nikki-Bronx Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ooo final fantasy XIV references...
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