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August 28, 2013
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Trader Lydia - Back to the First Day by Dragon-FangX Trader Lydia - Back to the First Day by Dragon-FangX
Deja Vu indeed!

Thanks are to be given to :iconneroangelus: who gave me the idea for how to handle Jenny's departure.


Characters, Designs and Art *Dragon-FangX
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If Jen is the Asian lady from the first strip then...... (Brain broken sending for repair crew)
Plz bring her back

I will pay you a sandwich if you do so please bring her back
Plz I hope Jenny returns
Kinggigasmon Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh for the time that a character not meant to be that important manages to become more beloved by fans than the intended main. Just as Jack Sparow did in the pirates movies.

i believe this effect is called the Eansamble Darkhorse on TV tropes.
Like the Doctor from "Lost in Space" they tried to kill him off, but the fan base brought him back. (Lost in space 1960's TV show.)
Fan opinion has more power than it is often given credit for.
Very true; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tried to kill off Sherlock Holmes at least twice through death or retirement, but never managed to fully  end his stories.
Enochi propaby put it the best, Exchanging Jenny for another Clerk simply doesnt cut it.
Its like the damm "Aeries Death" Scene from FF VII. Sure you still got Tifa and Yuffie but compared to her they simply didnt make the cut.

That said looking objectivitly at the current setup, Im afraid bringin her back is while not impossible still a faux pas as far as creativity goes.
Im talking naturaly about the overused "It was all a bad dream" scenario. Another old but less used method would be the "Its a wonderfull Life" method.
It would fit Jennys wish (the wording not the execution) but would require her to not only remember her past but also to see the outcome of her absence from the shop in order to fix it.

BTW: How are you planing to solve the fact that as acording to the wish Jenny never worked in the shop? Im thinking about the 2012 (Zelda - Majoras Mask) Episode.
Butterfly effect and all the drag. The Chances even though offscreen were propably bad the first time. Tring to roll snakeeyes twice is by far harder than just once.
By retroactivitly erasing Jenny from the Shop you also have to adapt the other characters behaviour. Primarily Lydias.
Unless you plan to replace Jenny with a personality and skill wise carbon copy of her changes are bound to happen.

Using someone with better working moral means either a more serious Lydia or more likely the replacemnts fireing because she doesnt fit into the store.
Using someone with worse working moral means a more Store-centric Lydia with a high chance of the replacemnts fireing because shes lacy/incompetent.
Using someone less greedier means the replacement will quit after the first month.

Lydia at least as I see her, is a forgiving but still profitoriented Boss that sees her employes less as that than as a family.
Shes perfectly willing to cheat customers out of their money but is suprisingly relaxed as far as what her employes do as long as they do their job.

That said "Bring her back please," I more than willing to ignore uncreativity as the means to do it aslong as shes comming back.
i still miss Jenny the Spider girl
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